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Bush at War - Hardcover

Goodreads Reviews : 3.51

by Woodward, Bob

ISBN :0743204735

ISBN13: 9780743204736

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Award-winning author and journalist Bob Woodward turns his attention to the presidency of George W. ...Bush. Before the acts of terrorism on 11 September, George W. Bush's presidency had been beset by numerous problems. Not only was it in many peoples eyes invalid, very few people took him seriously as a world statesman. Then following one violent mindless act of terrorism, George W. Bush became a president that his country could rely on, one they felt they could trust to lead them through these difficult times. And the world saw a man who was decisive and resolute, a president who was seemingly determined to route out the people who had carried out the heinous acts. But one year after the attacks how has the 44th President of the United States fared? And what were the actual behind the scenes discussions that took place whilst the country was rocked by the crisis? Bob Woodward has been shadowing the President since those fateful events, he was allowed unprecedented access to closed-door meetings and briefings and this masterful book is a look at what really happened.

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  • Format : Hardcover
  • ISBN-10 : 0743204735
  • ISBN-13 : 9780743204736

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